Especially for large tools of the forming industries, laser hardening is a very cost-efficient and an extremely fast process. it enables partial hardening of selected stressed functional areas. Quick selfquenching reduces material distortion almost to zero. Due to the capabilities of the Talens solutions, even cutting edges and small radii can be hardened without running the risk of melting.


  • The dynamic pattern variation of the Talens technology reduces the overlap areas with the most efficient solution present in the market. 
  • Great capability of pattern positioning generating the hardening areas in a really precise way.
  • The self quenching process avoid any coolant filtration and delivery.
  • Low distorsion due to the low amount of energy projected onto the part.
  • Flexibility to adapt the hardening area without any change in the optics.
  • Talens monitoring system allows you to ensure the perfect quality during the entire hardening cycle.

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