Laser cladding is a process in which material is deposited on the surface of a work piece. The laser cladding process is often used to create an entirely new surface, as well as to repair damaged or worn surfaces. It is even possible to create functionally graded coatings where the material composition of the coating can be changed on the fly. 

Talens offers solutions based on the developed beam shaping technology for parts subject to high wear and abrasive environments.


  • Can produce coatings with no porosity, finer surface finishes, more consistent layer thicknesses, and more precise clad placement, than traditional thermal spray techniques.
  • Is inherently a low heat input process, resulting in fine microstructures, small heat affected zones, and low distortion.
  • Helps reduce processing time.
  • Laser cladding may restore parts to their original dimensions.
  • Improves upon the materials inherent susceptibility to corrosion, wear and oxidation.
  • CAD/CAM based process.
  • In-line quality assurance and monitoring system.
Cladding - Brake discs
Cladding - Blades
Cladding - Wavy surface coating
Cladding - Gear tooth
Cladding - Rocket
Cladding - 3D solid volume
Surface Heat Treatment & Cladding Cell video
Laser cladding - Melt pool monitoring video
Laser cladding video

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