Laser cutting uses the laser as a single point cutting source to vaporize material in a very small and well defined area. Our multi scanner systems offer a solution with the maximum flexibility for a different range of products at high production rates.

Talens engineering team can assist you in developing cut patterns and the appropriate laser solution for your application.


  • Virtually unlimited cutting paths where the lasers can make three dimensional cuts.
  • Can cut very hard or abrasive materials without difficulty or wearing the laser.  
  • Laser cutting is a cost effective process with low operating and maintenance costs
  • Maximum flexibility with zero change over time between cutting patterns and materials 
  • Ability to cut any kind of geometry with different material on the fly.
  • No wear to dies or knives, laser eliminates wear elements maintaining a constant quality.
  • CAD/CAM based process
  • In-line quality assurance and monitoring system.

We can help you by applying our laser technology and experience

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