Our laser head and software can provide countless possibilities thanks to the ability to dynamically change the area and the energy distribution on that defined area.

Head and Software

The Raio Head offers real advantages over other remote laser applications such as laser hardening. The scanning optics allow us to generate variable designs of the spot geometry. Doing this, individual areas can be defined to be hardened with different requirement. In the past, different optics with corresponding spot shapes were required however Talens offers a flexible solution to process multiple shapes all with the same optical package.

The Raio Head uses a highly dynamic 2-D scanning unit to create variable patterns. During the scanning motion, the temperature is recorded coaxially to the laser beam at the laser target location. These values are monitored during the process to ensure the quality on the hardening process.

Main features

  • Hardening with a single processing head with the possibility to generate different hardening geometries.
  • Greater capability of pattern positioning.
  • Possibility to dynamically change the patterns.
  • Full adjustment of the energy distribution in the defined pattern.
  • Shorter set-up time.
  • Monitoring of the temperature of the mirrors using pyrometers or thermocouples.
  • Monitoring of the process parameters to ensure the quality during the process.
  • Friendly software to generate multiple pattern geometries.

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